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Hi.  I'm Rachel and I want to run longer distances.  I completed Couch-2-5k earlier this year, and after a summer break have started running regularly again.  I find myself thinking big.

Current longest distance run: 5k

Goal at this point:
run a marathon some time next year (I said I was thinking big)

Training frequency: I'm following Jeff Galloway's marathon training for beginners, which consists of 2x 30 minutes run, an "easy walk" day and a long run day each week.  Galloway is also keen on walking breaks; I'm not sure about this and definitely not thrilled by the run:walk ratio he suggests for my slow running pace, but his is the only plan I've found that fits the time I actually have to spend on training, so I'm going to give it a try.  At the moment, I'm in week 2 of the plan which assumes the marathon race is week 30.

Expected check-ins: Weekly, after my long run

Events I am interested in:
Sun 2nd March 2014: Cambridge Boundary Run (half marathon).  Registration open now.
? May ? 2014: Neolithic Marathon (marathon). Registration opens January.
Sat 22nd June 2014: Cheltenham Circular Challenge (marathon). Registration opens January.

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Hi. I'm Naath and I want to run marathons and further.

Current longest distance race: half marathon
longest distance run in training: 15 miles

Goal at this point: finish a marathon

Training frequency: I run 6 days a week, two short three medium and one long (Wednesday I do "strength training" or as I more usually call it "climbing")

Expected check-ins: Sundays, after my long run.

Events I am interested in:
Sun 2nd March 2014: Cambridge Boundary Run (marathon). Registration open soon.
? May ? 2014: Neolithic Marathon (marathon). Registration opens January.


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