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8 March: 10k (DONE)
15 March 5k (DONE)
22 March 15k (DONE)
29 March 5k (DONE)
5th April - travelling to France for six days
3rd April 17k (DONE)
12 April 10k 5k
19 April 25k
26 April 5k
10 May 5k
17 May 25k
24 May 5k

Yesterday's 17k was going to be 20k but I didn't leave work for my half-day early enough to complete 20k before 4pm, when the window opened for signing C up for swimming lessons.  That's right, I took a half-day off work to queue for swimming lessons; the queue is usually popular enough that I didn't dare leave it to a normal working day departure, but decided to make good use of the leave by RUNNING . 

Anyway, because of leaving work late, I planned a 16k run as better than nothing, but in the event ran consistently above my training pace so managed to squeeze in an extra km at the end.

My route was very simple: leaving my bike parked at the sports centre, and ran from there to the busway and kept running until I'd covered 8km (this turned out to be a bit north of Oakington) then turned around and went back.  I got my extra km in by going up and down residential streets as I got near to Gilbert Road.
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The goal for today was 20k, but my legs started seriously aching around about 15k, and where I could have put in some extra looping down local residential streets to add in the extra distance, I decided to sod it and just go straight home.

I went from home, through Girton and Oakington, down the busway all the way to Milton Road (passing a [personal profile] naath heading the other way somewhere north of Histon), then back up the busway to the easy crossing to Northfield Avenue and then home down Carlton Way.

The Boundary Run is in two weeks, so that was my last long run before the event.  It's not as good as I'd have liked, but in mitigation, I have been ill and not running a lot of the last three weeks, and far from carb-loading, I'd spent a few days at my mother's where they mostly eat lean protein and veg and thus so did I.  My plan is to do a couple of short runs this week and next, a gentle5k next weekend, and to eat as much porridge, pasta and rice as I can bear the Thu-Sat before the big event.  Finishing is success, and I'm almost certain I can do it.

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I decided to try a completely new route, and ran from home through Girton, along the bridlepath to the busway, along the busway to CRC and from there home.  I only had to add a little wiggle along Windsor Road near home to make the distance.

This was another slow walk/run - my new training pace is 9:31 min/km and despite consciously trying to run slowly and walk steadily, I averaged just under 9 min/km.   Looking at the splits, every single km was under 09:31 min except the last one, and that one included waiting for the lights to change on Histon Road.

The Cambridge Boundary Run is 7 weeks away.  I realised this on Monday and also that my training plan was out of sync with the actual race date, so had to rewrite it a bit.  I have the worst jump in distance next week, and then it's more sensibly-incremented short-long-short-long-short-RACE.  I think next weekend I'll add the extra distance by going all the way to Oakington - any suggestion as to whether that's best done going up-and-down the busway, or by running on from Girton to Oakington?

Hanging alongside the busway at Histon was a huge poster for the "Flaming June Half-Marathon" which starts and ends in Histon.   I will probably register for it in a month or two (there are other things queuing up for my spending money which I care about more).  It's 4 weeks after the Neolithic, which ought to be enough recovery time if I do a Neolithic half-marathon.  I've given up on the Cheltenham Challenge for this year - if I stick to my training plan with no setbacks, I will only just be ready for a marathon distance by the event date, and it's a hilly course whereas my training is basically flat.   I think it's more realistic to keep working on my stamina and look for a marathon event in Aug-Oct time.


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