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I have mostly managed to stick to the training plan over the past few weeks and two days ago notched up the longest run yet, 12k.  It feels very strange to be consciously going very slowly, and doing more walking than running, but there's no doubt that it makes it much easier to feel confident of finishing, and to recover quickly.

Next week is another "magic mile" time trial which will update my training pace.  I'm obviously hoping to see a time improvement but trying not to care too much if I do.

Thanks for the help with "warm up" walking - I've basically shifted to just starting off running slowly on my short runs and that seems to be working out.  On the longer runs, the pace is so slow that I don't feel the need to.
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I did a 30min run on Monday but failed to do my second short run because of a studying deadline and forgetting to take my kit to work.

Today I ran from home over to the West Cambridge site and around the lake a few times and then back the way I'd come.  The ratio today was 2.5:1 running:walking and my overall pace was 7:50/km.  In terms of pacing, this mostly felt at the "hard work but I can keep this up for a while yet" level; the walking breaks definitely work for me.

I have been thinking about my starts - I've carried over from C25k a habit of walking for 5 minutes to warm up first, and I do seem to need at least some of this when it is actually cold, but both my Zombies, Run game and presumably actual running events expect me to start off running.   It would reduce the time pressure on my lunchtime runs if I could cut out the 5 minute warm-up walk and just have a 30 minute run and then a walk to cool down.

How do you more experienced people warm up for a run? Do you do anything different between long runs and short runs?

How do you cool down? Again, do you do different things for long and short runs?
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So, I got all excited about my marathon training plan from Jeff Galloway, I made a spreadsheet translating the distances and paces, and set up a new workout in RunKeeper and was all set ...

And then I was in bed with a filthy cold from Saturday to Tuesday and though feeling mostly better on Thursday decided that a gentle lunchtime walk was more in order than a 30 minute run.

However, today I felt fully back to normal, and decided to jump in with my week 2 long run of 6.5km, also trying out the run:walk split (using the RunKeeper workout to do the timing for me). I ran during my son's gymnastic lesson, so my route was simply around the residential streets between Victoria Road and Gilbert Road, finally making a direct run back from Gilbert Road towards the end.

Taking walking breaks was less irritating than I'd expected, with RunKeeper's notifications dialled down to the minimum, and it definitely made it easier to cope mentally when I started getting tired. My overall pace over the 6.5k was 7:40 min/km compared with my last three 5ks which were 8:20, 8:05, 7:55. I'm clearly still on the upswing of easy improvements as a beginner, but that's more of an improvement than I'd have expected, especially over a longer distance, after 8 days off.

The funniest bit of today was running past some small children in a quiet road, who decided to hide behind a parked car and jump out at me making monster noises. I was well aware they were doing this, so wasn't very surprised and made monster noises back; when I turned around and ran back down the road toward them, one of them asked why I was running and I said "to practice running!" which they clearly found very strange.

I have updated my spreadsheet to push everything back a week.


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